I have come to the slow realization that I don’t have to live with the weight of debt on my shoulders. There is a better way to live.

My story starts six months after graduating from college. I was living in a new city with a new and well paid career. My future looked promising. I also had to begin paying for all of my student loans that paid for my blissful years of college. The bill for my four years at school was finally coming due. I knew that this was going to happen but I had pushed it to the back of my mind, not wanting to think about the money I owe.

Fortunately for me I was easily able to cover the obscene regular payments on my loans. My job paid me well and I began the process of slowly paying off debt.

After a year of making these regular payments with little effect on the principle I have decided to take a different approach. I have decided to shift my debt repayments into overdrive and pay off my remaining balances in 3 years’ time.

The reason I am doing this is to take back control of my financial life. I want my hard earned money to start to work for me instead of paying off past debts. I want to live a life that is free from the hangover of debt.

This blog is here to chronicle my journey and to keep me honest. It will serve as a visible illustration of the progress I am making (or not). This blog is here to keep me going.

As much as I am responsible for the situation I am in I would have never had my epiphany if it weren’t for the wonderful bloggers over at No More Harvard Debt and Mr. Money Mustache. Thank you guys for getting me going.


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